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Interested in joining the GBCT?

To become a member of the GBCT you need to be an individual who is technically and craft trained to a high degree of proficiency. There are very few rules on how to become a member, but there is a tough selection process based upon proven knowledge, experience and a demonstrated level of proficiency prior to anyone being invited to join.

To apply, complete an application form below.

You will need four professional references from members of the GBCT that you have worked with on a regular basis, Or three GBCT members you have worked with regularly plus a GBCT Board recognized workplace qualification (e.g. UAL Diploma or NVQ or similar – and/or specialist qualifications for Aerial or Underwater work etc.), Or three GBCT members and one BSC member you have worked with regularly.

Attach a copy of your full CV and send it into the office either by post or email. Once checked, the application is vetted by a specially convened Membership Committee made up of at least one Board Member and members who are in the same grade as an applicant. After the Membership Committee has made its decision, the application is passed onto the Board who discuss and approve or otherwise, the application. A successful applicant is subsequently invited to join the Guild.

There are 6 different categories for Guild Membership:


This category is specifically for current practitioners living in the UK and Eire.

Overseas membership

This category is open to British technicians resident outside the UK, or non-British technicians who work regularly in the UK.


Associate Members are individuals closely affiliated to the GBCT and its activities.


Membership services and facilities is provided to Guild Trainees for the duration of their time as trainees.

Retired members

This section is only available to existing Guild Members.


Honorary Membership is awarded to certain individuals who have been instrumental in helping to support the Guild in some form or another and/or by enhancing its standing within the industry.

Membership Application Form

The GBCT Membership form for 2023 may be downloaded HERE

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