• 10 December 2021 17:44 | Anonymous

    **  ROSCO

    Rosco have produced some excellent videos that run through much of the Company’s story.  Here is the link to the first one.  Please take a look and enjoy!. Stan Miller, Owner of ROSCO, starts the journey for us. More will be revealed in due course. We will be loading this and other GBCT Patrons' histories on to our website as soon as possible.





    Please find attached and below cinematographer Matt Lloyd’s experience shooting The Water Man using Cooke Anamorphic/i lenses and S4/i primes.

    This David Oyelowo film lensed by Matt Lloyd finds its own style, ‘due to the choice of lensing and environment’ -

    Leicester, UK – 07 December 2021– Cinematographer Matt Lloyd, ASC, CSC, has used Cooke Optics S4/i prime lenses extensively since they first came out – including the pilot for the limited television series “Fargo.” But in discussions with director, producer and actor David Oyelowo, they both knew that the look of “The Water Man would need to be more majestic than a spherical lens could provide. Then, Lloyd met up with Michael Koerner of Koerner Camera of Portland, OR, who would provide the lenses and cameras for the project.

    “It was Michael who suggested that I really needed to see the Cooke Anamorphic/i lenses at his Pacific Northwest Lens Summit,” said Lloyd. “Honestly, I didn’t even know Cooke made an anamorphic lens. I was leaning towards another manufacturer’s anamorphics, but I trust Michael. There was a Cooke representative at the Summit and after a few minutes, I was sold on the Cookes. The anamorphics would perfectly match the S4/i lenses that I would be using for VFX shots. By the end of production, I was amazed. You would think that Cooke had been making anamorphics forever.


  • 10 December 2021 17:42 | Anonymous

    Dear All,

    The Mark Milsome Foundation is approaching a significant launch of an ONLINE  Health and Safety Programme Passport for 15th December 2021 and we would be incredibly grateful if we could count on your support.
    The course is the result of 2 years research, an industry wide survey (5,000 responses and concerns) and includes subjects that we believe would have prevented Mark Milsome’s death in Ghana in 2017.

    As friends of the Foundation I would also like to send you an early link to access the programme and ask that you and those in your organisation take the course for free in advance of the 15th December. IF you feel your members would benefit, IF you feel it is an important course then we would be incredibly grateful if next week you would consider urging your members/ unions/ guilds to take the course over the Christmas and New Years break.
    Two years ago I asked Jake Edmonds at Media Safety Ltd how many crew from approx 70 on set should I expect to have taken a  Modern Health and Safety programme and the answer was “you would be lucky to find one”. After digging deeper it appeared to be cost and time that was an issue. Traditionally a H&s programme takes 2 days, face to face at a cost £400-500. In addition, no-one is  ever expected to have a H&S qualification.
    I have spent the last 2 years researching, writing, producing the Mark Milsome Foundation Film and TV Safety Course. It will be available online and take 90 minutes to complete. It will cost £20 plus VAT and If successful, Crew/Production/Students will receive a Screenskills Production Safety passport that lasts for 5 years.
    Please see early responses to those who have seen the course below. We hope that this course will attract enough attention and support over the Christmas and New Year period that we can justify a programme to make it Mandatory in the Film and TV industry but we cannot do that without you urging your members to take notice and take the short course. 
    I attach a link to our first x 4 trailers and will get you the full course soon as well as some background to the project and the reasons we believe it is needed.
    With thanks for your support.
    Kirk Jones
    Chairman - Mark Milsome Foundation 

    “The most engaging safety training I have ever seen, empowering the viewer to speak up, this will improve safety standards and save lives!”  Sunny Bains – NFTS

    “Totally and utterly game changing.” Jen Compton – Chalk – Media Safety Ltd

    “An essential step towards a safer environment for those working in our industry.” James Clarke – Media Safety Ltd

    “This unique training package should be written into the DNA of every film and television course in the UK – Whether you are an experienced professional or a student about to step foot on a set for the first time, it will inform you, empower you, and make everyone safer.” Professor Christopher Morris – former head of Newport and Falmouth Film and Television Schools.

    Click on the links below to watch the first four teasers.



    Click on the blue button below to see the
    Mark Milsome Foundation Health and Safety Online Course Proposal -
    7th Dec 2021

    The latest COVID variant is causing a degree of uncertainty and with the potential of some travel restrictions being put in place plus possible policy changes post-Christmas, the BSC Expo Team have taken the difficult decision to postpone the Expo until April. 
    FOR YOUR DIARY: The new confirmed dates are now THURSDAY 7 to SATURDAY 9 APRIL 2022 and the Expo will be held at Battersea Evolution.

  • 10 December 2021 17:40 | Anonymous

    And on 4th December, GBCT Trustee PHIL MEHEUX BSC, GBCT was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by NIGEL WALTERS BSC, GBCT. The Awards were a celebration of young talent in film across the UK and were hosted by The National Youth Film Academy in partnership with Odeon Cinemas.  Congratulations, Phil!

  • 10 December 2021 17:37 | Anonymous

    Sir Sydney Samuelson presenting Ron Ford with his BAFTA Award
    (and guess who’s behind Sir Sydney!!!)

    Our beloved founding Trustee, SIR SYDNEY SAMUELSON, was 96 years old on 7th December.  Amazing.  I sent him a card from all of us.  I am hoping to go see him early next year arms full of smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels plus the odd salt beef on rye!  Hope you had a wonderful day, Sydney. 
    Love and hugs from us all.

    Sydney with his awards.

  • 10 December 2021 15:23 | Anonymous

    One thing rarely discussed is how the majority of production skills are hired in a freelance capacity. A project brings together a team that may have little experience of working together. Then over several months, a production that might be worth tens to hundreds of millions of dollars will be miraculously be complete. The financial risk involved in these is enough to make most other industries baulk. And yet the majority of these creations get completed as the team is so passionate and truly invested in delivering the best they can.

    Being involved in such an industry is a complete privilege. You often get to travel to remarkable places and see amazing things. You get to work with truly, incredibly, talented people that bring their unique vision to the script and bring it to the screen. When you then see these stories in completion, there is an immense sense of satisfaction, knowing your contribution played a part in bringing it together. 

    However, with this privilege comes a great cost. Technicians are often required to work incredibly long hours and often spend a great deal of time far away from home. Working in a freelance capacity gives you  little protection from when the industry is quiet or comes to a grinding halt as in the case of the recent pandemic.

    Then there is the aspect of danger. The nature of what we do, means we are constantly pushing the boundaries for the greatest stunts and explosions which always presents an element of risk. 

    As a freelancer, you often feel pressured to just say 'yes' mindful that this is what the industry expects and will keep you in a good stead for the next gig.

    We are incredibly saddened by the recent tragedy of Halyna Hutchins, who lost her life filming in New Mexico. It naturally brought home the pain of the loss of Mark Milsome, who was killed when filming a simple car stunt went wrong. A community has come together on both occasions to recognise the loss of these two individuals, that everyone has only positive words to describe.

    When describing Mark, you often hear people say 'I know everyone says he was a truly nice person, but he really was'. From all accounts we have heard the same said of Halyna across the US.

    Putting this calendar together is our little way of giving something back. We recognise this industry is full of hard work and pain, but for all the trouble it has caused we wanted to find a way to show you we still love you.

    Enveloped in this year's Prints for Mark Calendar are images we love, that show the magic of making movies. 

    So from us to you, we want to wish everyone a safe and productive 2022.

    Andra Milsome and Mark Purvis

  • 29 November 2021 15:21 | Anonymous

    Have a read through of the latest excellent BACKUP newsletter which includes the offer of Free Mental Health First Aider courses for freelancers. Click on the link below to see what’s on offer.

  • VMI

    29 November 2021 15:19 | Anonymous

    This is a great opportunity to find out more about the history of our patrons – who they are, what they do – and why they do it. Barry Bassett at VMI has prepared a brief history of VMI (with pics). It’s fascinating. Click on the links and have a read.

    Brief History of VMI:

    Brief History of VMI in pictures:

  • 29 November 2021 15:16 | Anonymous


    Lucien Nunes is an engineer that many Guild members have worked alongside for decades as a technician for both on-set and off-set rig building. Some sad, terrible news. Lucien has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the oesophagus and has started chemotherapy with the hope of extending his life.
    A team of film industry technicians have started this fundraiser for Lucien, to help him fulfil a life-long goal of creating a unique Museum for Electricity and Electronic Technology - MEET. It will be for the next generation, to both inspire and teach.
    If you can, please help – support the fund raising by clicking on the link below and donating whatever you can. On the link below you can also see a short video which explains what has to be done next.

  • 29 November 2021 15:15 | Anonymous

    ** CAMERIMAGE 2021
    This year’s Camerimage finished on Saturday 20 November and was very successful – well done all the Camerimage team in Torun!
    The gala closing film was NO TIME TO DIE and was introduced by director Cary Joji Fukunaga with DoP Linus Sandgren
    The list of winners included:
    The Golden Frog - C’MON C’MON – DoP Robbie Ryan; Director Mike Mills
    The Silver Frog – THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH – DoP Bruno Delbonnel; Director Joel Coen
    The Bronze Frog – DUNE – DoP Greig Fraser; Director Denis Villeneuve
    Audience Award – C’MON C’MON
    FIPRESCI Prize – ANIMALS – DoP Frank van den Eeden; Director Nabil Ben Yadir
    Polish Film – OPERATION HYACINTH – DoP Piotr Sobocinski Jt; Director Piotr Domalewski
    Director debut – TITANE – DoP Ruben Impens; Director Julia Ducournau
    Cinematographer debut – BIPOLAR – DoP Yuming Ke; Director Queena Li
    Music Video – ZDECHLAM – DoP Kacper Fertacz; Director Zuzanna Plisz
    TV Series – WELCOME TO UTMARK: EYE FOR AN EYE – DoP Andreas Johannessen; Director Dagur Kari
    Documentary feature – MY VOICE WILL BE WITH YOU – DoP Tristan Galand; Director Bruno Tracq
    Documentary short – SURVIVE – DoP Jacob Friedrich Maria Kohl; Directors Lara Milena Brose, Kilian Armando Friedrich
    Laszlo Kovacs Award – Golden Tadpole – THE HOWLING – DoP Max Bugajak; Director Bartosz Brzezinski, Warsaw Film School
    Silver Tadpole – TALA’VISION – DoP Philip Henze; Director Murad Abu Eisheh, Filmakademic Baden-Wurttemberg
    Bronze Tadpole – COLD BLOW LANE – DoP Christopher Behrman; Director Luca Homolka, Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg

  • 29 November 2021 15:09 | Anonymous


    AWARD – 22 NOVEMBER 2021

    Fantastic news and well done to GBCT Director of Photography MILOS MOORE for his recent Award which was announced at the London Hilton Park Lane. The judges said the “camera movement made the piece cinematic and gave great scale and intimacy”. Very many congratulations and thanks from Milos’ to his camera team as well - which included some ace Guild Members!

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