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The Guild of British Camera Technicians is a not-for-profit association of knowledgeable, qualified and craft trained camera technicians dedicated to upholding quality and standards in the film, television and related media industries.  Its membership comprises professionals working in all camera department roles as well as script supervisors, DIT’s, on-set colourists and specialist technicians in aerial, underwater, 3D and VFX shooting. Membership is by invitation only which ensures that the highest industry standards are always maintained.

With an amazing array of talent and knowledge, the GBCT Management Board takes pride in the fact that its membership comprises some of the very best technicians in the world.

- Origins -

The Guild started in 1977 when four technicians - Terry Cole (1AC), John Deaton (1AC), Mike Fox (Camera Operator) and Geoff Glover (Camera Operator) - invited all the camera technicians they knew to attend a meeting at the old Caernarvon Hotel, Ealing Common.

They wanted to form a non-political association that essentially protected the interests and aspirations of a growing freelance workforce.  And, they wanted this new organisation to be an authoritative presence in the industry, to spearhead the development of new talent and to maintain the best and highest standards To set the bar on best practice and quality.

They set about organising themselves into a company, prepared a Constitution, and invited a set of Trustees to be its guardians.


Limited by Guarantee, the GBCT Company has a Constitution that is both relevant and fair. That Constitution is now monitored by four eminent Trustees.

The GBCT’s founding Trustee SIR SYDNEY SAMUELSON CBE was joined by:

  • Producer/Director RICHARD LESTER
  • Cinematographer PHIL MÉHEUX BSC
  • Director JOE WRIGHT
  • Cinematographer SUE GIBSON
  • Director MICHAEL APTED

We have now sadly lost Sir Sydney, Sue Gibson, Micheal Apted and Lord Attenborough whose support and association will be greatly missed.

Since the early days, the GBCT has grown and its membership now comprises over 500 talented film and television specialists who are renowned throughout the world for their knowledge, talent and technical as well as aesthetic ability.


    The Managment Board

    The GBCT is run by a Management Board which consists of working technicians who are all experienced and reputable Guild members. At its AGM every year, the Membership votes via ballot for Board Members who stand down to be re-elected or for Members who have been nominated by others to join the Board.


    Tim Potter

    1st AC/Focus Puller

    Board Member & Vice Chair

    Sarah Hayward

     Script Supervisor

    Board Member & Vice Chair

    Tony Jackson
    Camera Operator

    Board Member

    Michael Hannan

    1st AC/Focus Puller

    Board Member

    Richard Bevan

    Camera Operator

    Board Member

    Gabriel Hyman

    1st AC/Focus Puller

    Board Member

    Ruth Woodside

    Camera Operator

    Board Member

    Drew Marsden

    2nd AC/Clapper Loader

    Board Member

    Oona Menges

    Director of Photography

    Board Member Sandra Pennington 2nd AC/Clapper Loader

    Board Member

    Steve Pugh

    Key Grip

    Board Member

    Elliot Purvis

    2nd AC/Clapper Loader

    Board Member

    Mickey Richards

    Video Assist Supervisor

    Board Member Katie Swain Directory of Photography

    The GBCT’s Management Board continues to have a very simple and effective three-point plan that will secure the Guild’s future success. This plan continually evolves and improves as it is being implemented:

    • Continue evolving as an organisation to improve efficiency and productivity as well as widen the Guild’s business opportunities, working alongside its Patrons and supporters

    • Enhance the GBCT’s reputation in the global media industry by being one of the leading technical authorities in the craft of cinematography

    • Provide its Membership with more cost-effective benefits that represent additional value for money for their annual subscriptions

    All this will provide a financially stable and secure structure for the Guild to move forward successfully.


    A few of the 'Things We Do'

    • Provide a framework for our members to be able to successfully develop their careers
    • Advise, support and guide Members – as requested/required
    • Keep up to date information on technological advancements, camera data and changes in industry working practices in order to inform our members of changes
    • Provide a variety of training courses for members and non-members alike as part of their continuing professional development. Training is conducted wherever and whenever it is required, with tutors that are current and respected practitioners
    • Trainee Schemes – for Camera and Script Supervisors, and links with the Grips trainee scheme
    • Whenever possible, attend trade shows and exhibitions to promote the GBCT, its membership and its Patrons
    • Work with ScreenSkills and as many other organisations as is practical to develop and update the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and the UAL (University of the Arts London) Diploma Qualifications for camera technicians, digital technicians and script supervisors
    • To be part of any debate and discussions on technological changes, to protect the interests of members at national and international levels, and to keep up to date with industry developments across the board. The GBCT is a member of the British Camera Standards Council, the Cine Guilds of Great Britain, the Moving Image Training Alliance, Screen Craft Rights and has close links with Imago (European Federation of Cinematographers) - amongst others
    • Work alongside industry organisations, including the British Society of Cinematographers to ensure the needs of the camera department are met and acted upon successfully in order that the high standards of production are met and surpassed

    These are just a few of the things we do – if you would like to know more, just ask!

    The GBCT Constitution may be downloaded Constitution 25 June 2020.pdf

    The GBCT Privacy Policy may be downloaded HERE

    The GBCT Equal Opportunites Policy may be downloaded HERE

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